Church Dropped Ceiling

Church Dropped Ceiling – Job in Progress in SW Detroit.
Church Dropped Ceiling in SW Detroit Church Dropped Ceiling in SW Detroit

All Skill Construction, LLC donated time on day 1.  We measured ceiling and created material list.


Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling
On day 2, we found the center of room, installed main T’s 4′ on center, while going from right to left.  We also fastened main T’s using zip screws, leveled main T’s using leveling string, 16 gauge wire and eye screws and installed 4′ cross T’s.

Basement bathroom in progress September 2012

First process  tear out concrete. Second step install plumbing for shower, sink & toilet in open floor,  pour concrete. Third step seal outside wall with drylock water proofing and frame in all walls. Glass block windows before & after.  Fourth step  Installed electrical,heating, plumbing,insulation and 6 mil plastic to keep out moister on outside walls,then drywall. Fifth step mud,tape & sand drywall. Install1/2inch concrete board in shower,tape all seams & thinset all seams Add new concrete to shower & bathroom floor to level floors to make tiling surface flat and level.Install shower drain.Sixth step: Paint rubber seal on shower floor for leak protection, two coats forms a rubber seal like a liner.Lay out pattern on floor and walls. All lines must be straight and level. use a chalk line and a 2 or 4 foot level and mark with a pencil. mix thinset to a peanut butter consistency and spread using a 1/4 inch trowel.use non sanded grout for 1/8 inch spacing or follow instructions on grout bag.Seal all corners with silicone caulk that matches your grout color. Install shower door & bathroom door. Paint walls using a paint with primer in it & install heat register cover.