Church Dropped Ceiling

Church Dropped Ceiling – Job in Progress in SW Detroit.
Church Dropped Ceiling in SW Detroit Church Dropped Ceiling in SW Detroit

All Skill Construction, LLC donated time on day 1.  We measured ceiling and created material list.


Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling Church droped -ceiling
On day 2, we found the center of room, installed main T’s 4′ on center, while going from right to left.  We also fastened main T’s using zip screws, leveled main T’s using leveling string, 16 gauge wire and eye screws and installed 4′ cross T’s.

Wood floor sand and polyurethane clear coat resurface

Hard wood floors were not in bad condition. Light sand with a 120 grit sand paper & a buffing machine.pass over surface enough times just to scuff the surface.All areas of floor must be completely free from trash and dust before adding clear polyurethane.

Second coat must be buffed using a 120 sanding screen.The best way to get up dust is to use a vacuum or a shop vac & a dust mop.Apply second coat of clear coat using a bucket or paint pan. Must use a lambs wool cloth and fine stain brush for edges. For third coat repeat the process. All coats need at least 6 hours or more to dry. fumes will be strong so ventilate properly with open windows and fans can also be used.

Gross Point Park stand up shower

First step: Tear out all subway tile wire mesh and take out tub. We were able to carry the tub out but most times you have to break it apart with a sledge hammer. Step 3: Install 5/8 plywood on floor, install shower liner with 2 inch p trap and drain.Install single handle deverter with half inch cooper pipping. Install concrete board tape seams and seal with thinset.Pour concrete for floor and pitch toward drain.Get inspection by city. Inspection passed.Tile with 12×12 floor tile for floor and 3×6 subway tile and corner cap pieces on wall.Grout and install shower cover,and spout. Paint bathroom.Get final inspection.

Roof in progress SOUTHFIELD MI

Load all shingles and materials on top of roof.Spread tarps on ground to catch debris & protect shrubs,grass and flowers.  Tear off all old shingles,90lb valley,flashing and underlayment.Repair all rotten wood.  Get open roof inspection from city.

Dutch lap siding job, Before & after

Objective: Remove aluminum siding and install vinyl dutch lap siding. Remove gutters & all aluminum trim around fascia and windows.”BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES”

sun porch siding2009

custom siding with a brick pattern,vinyl windows trimmed in white aluminum trim.